Seth Collings Hawkins, via Hawk Ventures, offers customized writing and editing services.

Hawkins has extensive editing experience. He began editing and publishing a newspaper in his neighborhood while an elementary school student. He has been an editor for newspapers, magazines, textbooks, scientific publications, and bulletins ever since, including award-winning work as editor of Middletown High School’s Blue Prints (named the “Best Student Newspaper in Connecticut” by the Hartford Courant), the Carolina Wilderness Medicine and Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine monthly bulletins, and Emergency Medicine News. He was the co-founder and first editor of iris: the UNC journal of medicine, literature, & visual art, one of the first medical humanities journals in the country. He currently serves as the Executive Editor of Wilderness Medicine magazine, and has worked as an editor for this publication since 2006.

Hawkins is also a published author and poet. He is the author of the columns Unbreakable in Wilderness Medicine magazine and Words Matter in Emergency Medicine News. His poetry has been published in Academic Emergency Medicine and Annals of Emergency Medicine. He has written numerous editorials and essays, included pieces featured in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, Academic Emergency Medicine, The Healing Muse, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, Wilderness Medicine magazine, NC Journal of Prehospital Care, the Raleigh News & Observer, the ACEP Medical Humanities Newsletter, the NC Tactical Medical Association Newsletter, the Morganton News Herald, and the NC Medical Journal. Some of these have been widely distributed on social media with multiple essays exceeding the 1k share threshold (one exceeding the 7k share threshold), and others becoming important parts of advocacy campaigns. He has served as an author or co-author for numerous medical textbook chapters. He is a charter member of the Medical Humanities Section of the American College of Emergency Physicians, whose annual writing award he developed and continues to judge each year.

Contact Hawk Ventures by email to discuss customized writing or editing services that match your specific needs. Below is a partial bibliography of publications for review and writing sample acquisition.


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