The Hawk Ventures mission is exemplified by our motto: “ex chao, ordo”,  meaning “from chaos, order”. We produce highly customized products and services, with meticulous and personal attention to your needs as a client. Our specialty is addressing needs in the most austere, challenging, and chaotic environments. Our specific programs include:

•  Wilderness EMS and wilderness medicine courses. The Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship™, the Carolina Wilderness EMS Summit™, and the Carolina Wilderness EMS Seminar™ are our flagship wilderness EMS programming. We are also in the process of developing our own in-house Tactical EMS educational program. We frequently deliver customized Wilderness First Aid classes for specific, goal-directed community needs.

Water rescue and drowning medical science programs. We are certified as a Starfish Aquatics Institute Training Center, and offer the innovative Wilderness Lifeguard curriculum (Wilderness StarGuard®). This curriculum was developed by Landmark Learning and is managed by Starfish Aquatics Institute.

• A platform for anthropological research, a variety of writing and editing projects, and highly customized consulting services.

Thanks for your patience as we continue the build this website. Please also visit us on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us by email.

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