Vertical Aid: Essential Wilderness Medicine for Climbers, Trekkers, and Mountaineers 1e (2017)

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Vertical Aid

This book was written by the Vertical Medicine Resources team of  Seth C. Hawkins, Bryan Simon, Pearce Beissinger, and Deb Simon. It fills a needs within the climbing community for an evidence-based and comprehensive guide to the common chronic and traumatic injuries that can occur while climbing. Researched and developed with climbers and alpinists in mind, this book includes helpful illustrations of common procedures and best practices, making it a practical and indispensable companion on any climbing, trekking, or alpine trip. It is replete with real-world-tested strategies, evidence-based medicine, and proven techniques. In their formal reviewClimbing magazine noted “the thorough, must-have Vertical Aid covers medical emergencies, environmental illnesses (altitude sickness, hypothermia, etc.), and rescue scenarios. Its authors, themselves all medical professionals and climbers, bring their deep field knowledge to life on the page.”

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