• COVID-19 Challenge Coins

    Hawk Ventures Safety Third COVID-19 challenge coins are now available! Black nickel custom coins with color on both sides, 2" size with 3mm thickness. One side has "Operation Enduring Clusterfuck COVID-19" legend with the Hawk Ventures operational logo "Stercore Factum Questus" ("getting shit done") in the banner. The other side has our "Safety Third" logo with the Safety Third motto "Sulum Reverto Domus" ("everyone goes home") on the bottom. More information on the Emergency Services Safety Third movement is here. Coins are $15 each. Bulk discount: $10 each for 10 or more, plus free shipping!  
  • More information about the Carolina Wilderness EMS Seminar is available here. The 2022 course will be held September 16th in Morganton, North Carolina, USA. Course fee for the 2022 Carolina Wilderness EMS Seminar is $700.
  • Our Ben Abo-designed scrub caps are now available for preorder! Breathable and soft scrub cap with velcro closure on back. With the Hawk Ventures Safety Third logo on the left, and our operational logo "stercore factum questus" ("getting shit done") on the right. Sure to quickly become the favorite, most comfortable part of your PPE! (Because the mask ear loops sure aren't...) More information on the emergency services Safety Third movement launched by Hawk Ventures is here. NOTE: We are accepting preorders now. Actual product will ship when available. Expected availability 2-3 weeks.
  • In a new collaboration with Burke County Rescue Squad and its Search & Rescue team, we now have Burke Rescue challenge coins! These beautiful, polished gold coins have two-sided color images and are 2" size with 3mm thickness. One side has the classic SAR "That Others May Live" slogan with images of Table Rock Mountain/Linville Gorge skyline, the NC state logo, the EMS star of life, and a helicopter hoist image, with an operation sword dividing the left and right halves. The other side is a graphic of the Burke County profile. Within it are the star of life, a rescue 8 tool, a diver flag, and a Hurst Tool ("jaws of life"), with an electrocardiogram (heart rhythm) tracing dividing the upper and lower halves. Coins are $20 each, and 100% of profits go directly to Burke County Rescue Squad.
  • Wilderness EMS is designed for EMS providers and leaders who deliver medical care in the wilderness, and those practicing wilderness medicine as part of a formal team. The textbook is a comprehensive, expertly-written reference ideal for this fast-changing and multidisciplinary specialty. This first-of-its-kind text provides specialized instruction and best practices for wilderness EMS practitioners and students – crucial information for the success of today’s rescue missions. A strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, clinical experience, and field applicability makes it especially useful for any EMS provider in a wilderness environment. Features:
    • Addresses WEMS system needs: education, incident command, medical oversight, medicolegal considerations, equipment needs, research, and pharmacology, promoting strong skills in multiagency interactions and transitions of care. Extensive discussion of history of wilderness EMS, including first-ever comprehensive timeline.
    • Covers wilderness, austere, and remote management of specific medical and traumatic conditions, including cold injuries and heat illnesses, lightning injuries, animal bites and envenomations, psychiatric emergencies, low-pressure altitude and high-pressure diving physiology and illnesses, drowning, infectious disease, and much more.
    • Offers information on basic rigging and patient packaging; high- and low-angle rescue; swiftwater and open water rescue; use of ground and air-based rescue vehicles; caving rescue; Search and Rescue (SAR); mountaineering rescue; and wilderness management of special events and severe storms.
    • Features a full-color format with abundant photographs, illustrations, tables, boxes, and references for further study.
    • Includes the most comprehensive list available of WEMS abbreviations for clear communication, and extensive discussion of optimizing language use for clarity in wilderness EMS operations and publications.
    • Presents the expert guidance and knowledge of contributing authors from throughout the U.S., including physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, statewide and local EMS medical directors, therapists, rescue team chiefs, pharmacologists, SAR team members, swiftwater rescue technicians, and many more.
    SHIPPING NOTE: Price here includes domestic shipping. Please contact us for international shipping rates before purchasing. LOCAL BOOKSTORE NOTICE: Hawk Ventures supports local booksellers. This magazine issue is available at our partner bookshop Adventure Bound Books in downtown Morganton, NC. We encourage you to buy your copy there. If you are not local to the NC foothills and your local bookstore does not stock this product, we offer it to you here.
  • This class prepares participants to diagnose allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, and administer epinephrine when indicated. Emphasis is on practical knowledge and hands-on skills and includes a live sterile injection component. Students who successfully complete the course receive a four-year certification to administer epinephrine via the North Carolina Office of EMS. No prior medical training or experience is required to enroll. This course is highly recommended for those who participate in wilderness or remote activities where EMS care for life-threatening allergic reactions would be delayed. Location: Linville Gorge Conference Room, Carolinas Health Care System-Blue Ridge Hospital, 2201 S. Sterling St, Morganton NC Time: 7:00-10:00PM
  • The Wilderness StarGuard® is a cutting edge course designed to meet the needs of wilderness trip leaders with a focus on prevention. This remote application to aquatic rescue courses can be taken alone as a primary training, as an add-on module to the StarGuard® course, or as a module for current lifeguards. Site assessment, swimmer assessment, and improvising lifeguarding equipment are key components that differentiate this course from traditional waterfront courses.

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