• COVID-19 Challenge Coins

    Hawk Ventures Safety Third COVID-19 challenge coins are now available! Black nickel custom coins with color on both sides, 2" size with 3mm thickness. One side has "Operation Enduring Clusterfuck COVID-19" legend with the Hawk Ventures operational logo "Stercore Factum Questus" ("getting shit done") in the banner. The other side has our "Safety Third" logo with the Safety Third motto "Sulum Reverto Domus" ("everyone goes home") on the bottom. More information on the Emergency Services Safety Third movement is here. Coins are $15 each. Bulk¬†discount:¬†$10 each for 10 or more, plus free shipping!  
  • In a new collaboration with Burke County Rescue Squad and its Search & Rescue team, we now have Burke Rescue challenge coins! These beautiful, polished gold coins have two-sided color images and are 2" size with 3mm thickness. One side has the classic SAR "That Others May Live" slogan with images of Table Rock Mountain/Linville Gorge skyline, the NC state logo, the EMS star of life, and a helicopter hoist image, with an operation sword dividing the left and right halves. The other side is a graphic of the Burke County profile. Within it are the star of life, a rescue 8 tool, a diver flag, and a Hurst Tool ("jaws of life"), with an electrocardiogram (heart rhythm) tracing dividing the upper and lower halves. Coins are $20 each, and 100% of profits go directly to Burke County Rescue Squad.

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