Wilson CreekEligibility – Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship

Extern applicants must…

  • supply a reliable, licensed, insured vehicle for use throughout the month. If this is an impediment to enrollment, assistance may be available to meet this criterium.
  • be enrolled as a 4th year medical student or resident physician in an accredited medical school or residency program. DO and MD programs are both acceptable. International applicants from countries with different program formats will be considered on a case-by-case basis but should be equivalent to an American 4th year medical student or resident physician. Resident physicians must have or obtain a NC resident physician license prior to the first day of the Externship. Currently, we are not able to support PAs or APRNs for logistical/credentialing reasons, although our program is philosophically very supportive of these health care professionals’ involvement in wilderness EMS.
  • demonstrate some prior experience in formal field medicine or rescue (these include but are not limited to activities such as EMS, rescue squads, fire departments, ski patrols, surf lifeguarding, military medicine, Search & Rescue, or technical rescue teams).
  • be available for training during all days of the Externship month for the year in which they are applying to study as an Extern.
  • file their application by April 1 for the calendar year in which they are applying to study as an Extern.
  • be prepared to participate in a rigorous, outdoor-oriented training program in which they will frequently be asked to challenge their own limitations and work autonomously.
  • obtain Incident Command System (ICS) certification at the IS-100/200/700 level before the first day of the rotation. Applicants who do not have this training can obtain it prior to application via this FEMA website.

To contact us, please email Seth Hawkins, MD.

To apply, click here.